{ About KnobCode }

Before we met

Web Development is not just a simple name-title career. It means creation, to broadly think and surpass any level of imaginaiton. The art of become creative at any giving point and develope ideas in such a way that only you be able to see the outcome in a set of codes that many people feel afraid to look at. Luckly with just a few cup of coffee Developers becomes super heros with the ability to see the feuture through a computer screen, a colorfull text editor and a loudly keyboard.

A pleasure to met you

KnobCode name was born in the year of 2018, the skills that are use in our company were born in 2010 when our founder Giovanni Rivera was force to learn some web design & web developemnt for his own personal needs. At that time technology was a complete innovation in the mobile devices deparment. For that matter it was a complete challange to build your own website and with a low budget, paying someone was very dificult. Social media was also mayor key factor, forcing humans to be more dependable on their mobile devices. In fact sharing your website in social media was a complete succes for many companies and still is.

Well, that was a nice history section. Not just history, it was dedication, long night hours of part-time studying (self-teaching). Growing more and more in understaing as many posible paths. Giovanni Rivera develope quite few skills that led him to found what today is KnobCode. A company that cares for others in the same position as Giovanni Rivera was, at the startup of a new company, low budget and complete lack of web development knowledge.

The following prowess makes KnobCode highly qualified:
  • Web design
  • Front-end web developement.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Current Javascripy & JQuery student.
  • Current PHP & MySQL student.